Thursday, January 20, 2011

You are what you drive...really?

Really? You are what you drive?

I guess I'm a plain white Ford van that often needs a car wash.

In my past I've owned a few cooler middle-of-the-road cars. In the 60's I owned a pink Mustang. I once had a yellow and black Montego that reminded me of a banana. I once...and most recently...owned a purple Camero.

So there's parts of me that aren't a plain white Ford van. But I've owned more Ford vans in various colors than any other kind of the vehicle. I need them to cart around party decorations and put in big sheets of foamcore. I just need to own a van. Darn it. It's clunky. It's always filled with tool boxes and party lights and extension cords and its...well, it's I said. It's only redeeming features are that it has a cool coin holder and an after-market heated seat...on the drivers sided only I might add.....and holds a ton of stuff.

Now I'm driving my Dad's vehicle since I took over the remainder of the lease after he up and died on us. My Dad loved a nice car. He never owned a van. Not even one. He owned a Cadillac or two and a few convertibles. He always had a good looking car and it was ALWAYS clean. Yikes. He set a high standard on car cleanliness.

Now I have this very nice Ford Fusion with all these whistles and bells to spoil the heck of me. Did you know that I have InSync in it that allows me to talk on the phone right in the air in the car? Yeah, I do. That feature right there is worth the lease payment I'm making every month. I love packing my Fedex party boxes into this little car .... as that big 'ole van sits idle right next to it....and driving to Fedex in a car that has more gadgets than I'll probably ever figure out. But I can talk in the air...hands free. I love that.

I also like that it tells me when my tires need air. A little sign comes on. Gimme a break. Really? I'm so going to get use to this feature. It's told me twice to fill those tires. I feel so on top of things! And I'll never back into ANYTHING ever again because it will beep like crazy if I do.
And I always know how many more miles I can go on the gas I have left. Now my Dad said to never let it get under 1/4 of a tank so when it gets there, I get nervous. I hear that voice in my head. I get my butt to the gas station because my Dad said so. I'm there. I'm doing it. But, gosh, I'm not so good at getting to the car wash. I need to work on that.

And did I mention that it has a really nice coin holder? In a drawer. Beats the heck out of the van's coin holder.
My Dad was always spoiling me. He still is.