Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guitar Centerpiece "Over the Top"

We make lots of guitar centerpieces but not always quite like this one.

Most often they are foamcore electric guitars instead of foamcore acoustic guitars like this one....but this was for a 50's themed party in the fun colors of fushia, orange, lime and turquoise and black and white checks.

Stacey cut out over a thousand little black squares to checkerboard all the centerpiece bases for both the elevated poles and the new 8 sided bases she engineered for the "low on the table" look centerpieces. These new bases have a rounded feel yet they allow for items to be securely placed all around them. I'll be posting a picture of those soon. They are great looking and versatile for applications more than just checkerboard designs.

But I just loved this guitar centerpiece. It has 2 guitars on it back to back and both sides have funky musical notes and glittered stars. But I really think the checkered pole makes it pop! I've always felt that the base and/or the pole is an important element to the total look.

We have some new electric and acoustic guitars we will be adding to our website: this summer when things slow down and I can spend some extra time playing with guitars. I'm looking forward to's my favorite month of the year!

(Here's a picture of the reverse side of this centerpiece at the party location. Thanks Monica!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Parade/Task Karate

What a beautiful day....and that's something to cherish in Michigan.

Planes and helicopters were flyin' over head...sirens were wailin', drums were beatin' and music was playing loudly.

It was noisy and wonderful and very crowded.

I rode my bike into town and I think that's the only way to go to a parade.

I visited some crafts and bought some homemade purple/lavender soap. I also bought a few plants...and, yup, carried them home on my bike. I had some food and followed the parade route and took lots of pictures of Stacey and boys as they looked so very cool marching down the road.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Funky City Skyline Centerpieces...maybe New York?

We just made 80 of these skyline centerpieces.

They had 4 sides but no bottom.

They had a light inside to make them glow at the party.
You could use battery closet lights...or I used puck lights from
Costco that were nice and bright led lights. A few battery operated candles also would work.

They were easy to make and easy to connect together but 80 of them sure took a whole bunch of time to cut out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss Cookie

Miss Cookie...what a cute little logo person.

She was based on the party person being named Miss Cookie when she was little. Now she's bigger and this was her personalized party theme. What a cute and original idea. I didn't come up with it but I did make these centerpieces for the party and I did come up with the idea for the "Delete Cookies??" I thought it was funny.

It was a Bat Mitzvah but I think it would work for a kids party of any age. Who doesn't like cookies....especially when they are falling from trees and stacked on your head !

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrestling Placecards & Table Numbers

We don't often get to do a wrestling themed party.

But what a fun idea.

These were the Placecards, Table Number and the Welcome Centerpiece that sat with the Bar Mitzvah Placecards.

The Placecards stood in thin slits we cut into the black foamcore table topper that was 6' long and held over 150 placecards. The larger matching figure is just there for the picture. It went next to the centerpiece on each dining table.

The crowd sign in the back held signs relating to Ross's Main Event.

We pondered the attachments for the "ropes". I went to Home Depot and found 2 ideas that I thought might work but wasn't sure. In the meantime Stacey came up with a simple solution of using black foam and they worked just great.

Wandering around Home Depot is one of the things I love doing. It's my Number Two favorite store. Number One is the Apple Store in 12 Oaks Mall. I would like to move right in there and live. My un-attainable goal is to be an Apple Genius. That'll never happen! Not even close. But I'm going to have fun trying and I keep taking those awesome and wonderful One to One classes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personalized free standing foamcore Guitar

That Stacey and her engineering-brain!

I love the clever back support she devised to make our foamcore centerpiece guitars
self-supporting and sturdy.

Yet they ship completely flat for safe and compact shipping.

Also, they are a snap to quickly open the back support and setup.

I love the guitars tipped at an angle...much more artistic than standing soldier-like....
and especially more readable when there is a name added.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chanel handbag for a Big Sign In Board...and Mother's Day!

Here's My Mother.
She popped over to have her picture taken with the
lovely roses my brother had sent her.

I made her work.

Well...not too hard.

I'm always lookin' for models to hold
pictures of our things to get a scale in the picture.
This is a really big purse/handbag that I was shipping
out today. (It's going to sit on a easel for a fashion sign in board.)

Wouldn't she have been surprised if I said: "Mom, I got you a
Chanel bag for Mother's Day" and then I gave her this. I think she may
have hit me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grauman's Theater Night Sign

Not everything we do lately is pink.

Here's a very rich looking theater sign in black and gold that could be
adapted to a Broadway themed party too.

Black and gold has always been one of my favorite color combinations.
Adding a little red or burgundy makes it even richer in my opinion.

This sign stood on a pole but I could also see it hanging and with
lights inserted into the faux glitter "bulbs".

Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 Dimensional Party Name in Pink "Emma"

How 'bout this BIG NAME!

It's going to sit on a Placecard Table I've heard.
I've also heard that "Emma" is now the Number 1
most popular girls name...surpassing the reigning "Emily".

I'm shipping it out this week and shipping was very reasonable because even though it was big, it wasn't very heavy.

Wouldn't it be so pretty on a bed of pink tulling with maybe some roses or gerbera daisies scattered around the base.....mmmmmmm.....we're doin' alot of pink this year.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduation Centerpiece/Gift Card Box Ideas

for Graduation Parties!

2018 UPDATE:
We're still doing it! Plus....we now offer video
help if you are a Do-It-Yourself Person.


Square or a fun shape like this chef's hat.
Send me an email about your idea for a cool gift card money box!

We can make graduation centerpieces in
any colors or with any hobby or sports
related theme accents.

We do one level simple boxes @$85 and up to 
3 levels for $185.

Need a sign to hang on the wall? 
Any name with maybe a baseball, 
basketball or a soccer ball?

Need a gift card box? Send us your ideas.
We can do simple or fancy.
(Average range is $85-165.)

Graduation Sign In Board for 

maybe a Gift Card Box themed just for you.

We love making custom gift card boxes for 
those envelopes that graduates receive.

We also have fun making 

We can add several themed items into a centerpiece or
make something with your hobby or an electric or
acoustic guitar or maybe a school logo.
Visit our other website at: to see more like these.

Here's an idea that would work with
photo would work well at the top.
A centerpiece/gift card envelope box like
this can be made in ANY COLOR and
personalized specifically to you.


This mail box doesn't actually open. 
You put the cards safely in the top and 
there is a trap door on the bottom for later 
removing the cards.
Just give us the components like schools, 
name and colors and we can make something
one-of-a kind.

Gift Card Boxes can be school related or
more focused on favorite hobbies.

Dribbling a ball and cap.....funny fun stuff.

 Elaborate or elegantly simple...we can do both.

email me at:


We can design something up just for you
that you will see no where else.

(Most gift boxes are $150 plus
$24-45 shipping depending if 
you are on the east coast or west coast.
Simple ones can be $85....more elaborate up to $165.)

Or VISIT our PINTEREST PAGE for more ideas.

Follow Party Decorations by Marlyss & Stacey's board Graduation Party Decorations on Pinterest.