Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Behind the scenes with a fashion/shopping themed party.

Here's some pictures from the development of a shopping 
themed Bat Mitzvah party.

It all started with several preliminary logo designs and 
ended with one similar to the the top right one.

This is the one finally selected.
We had lots of party stuff all over our work room.

Then we shipped things to another state with
instruction pages included for the balloon person
to assemble and bring to the party.

Then it moved on to the party room and
the party got started and the guests picked up
their 'credit card' place card.
Macy's Gift Card Money Box.

Sign In Board
Look at that sweet baby photo! We photoshopped
her shirt to pink to match and added lots of colorful 
borders all around. I had to restrain myself from adding
 a little shopping bag into that cute little fist because it
wasn't wanted by Macy but I think it turned out
very cute anyways.

 What a delightful party!