Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CANDY Centerpieces for Parties

 Making candy centerpieces for parties is hazardous to my health. We have to buy too many sample boxes and then I just eat too much candy. Yum Yum.....I like my job....hazards or not.
Big boxes elevated up on poles or low centerpieces sitting under eye level...both work.
I can't think of any flavor of candy that won't work for this theme. 
We've done all chocolate. That's good.
We've done assorted. That's good.

My personal favorite candy is Good 'n Plenty. 
I love black licorice.
I also like Sweet Tarts.
Don't let me near those. I'll eat the whole box.

I think these boxes of candy look cute all by
themselves but when there is other candy added, 
I think it just goes over the top.
I think other centerpiece themes are healthier but
who wants to do a broccoli party? I've never heard of one.

Maybe we should stick to foamcore lollipops like these?

We also make many Sweet Shoppe signs that
look great sitting on your candy table or sweet table.
Click on this picture if you'd like to read that
Blog Post.
Or, send us an email if you'd like
some of our designs for
YOUR PARTY or other
big party signs with sweet ideas.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artsy Gazebo

When Jacob and I were in Arizona we went to the Desert Museum.
They had the most wonderfully artistic gazebo with a beautiful view.

As someone who really likes twisted wood and things built with them, I
had a hard time moving on from this spot. 

I would have like to take it home and put it in my yard. 

I'd hang some plants and put some natural wood 
furniture underneath it. 
You know... the kind you'd find at an art fair.

Maybe hang a swing....although I'm not sure where.

It's wild and crazy looking, isn't it? Maybe the swing isn't
such a good idea.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Airplane trip to Arizona

Assorted random thoughts on our trip:

1. I love flying on an airplane. The flight attendants are old. I always thought they were young and pretty but I haven't seen one of those. They all look around 40-60 years old and tired. That surprised me.

2. Food in the airport is pretty good. Good coffee and good variety. I had some taco thing with great re-fried beans..not those mushy dog food like kind.

3. Nobody checked Jacob's I.D. either coming or going. But they patted my body down once on the way home and scanned my water bottle for "vapors" and emptied my backpack to look around it. I was fine with it all. Neither was an intrusion or anything that offended me. In fact, I like the diligence. Go for it.

I didn't forget one thing. Of course, as I said before, I pack like Monk. My suitcase weighed 44 pounds on the way home. I checked it, of course. I loved the fact that I didn't have to lug it around the airport or try and squeeze it into some overhead compartment because I had packed lighter so I wouldn't have to pay the $25. For me, it was worth it.

Wow! Great signs everywhere. It was so easy to navigate thru. You'd have to be brain dead not to figure out how to get anywhere.

Great electronic charging station counters. I loved them and received wonderful WiFi reception.

What can I say. He's the best person I've ever traveled with.

That's for another blog but it was unusual, interesting, informative and a well planned event. I got a kick out of it.

1'm going to get to install Lion on my computer.

Beautiful...absolutely breathtaking beautiful. If I couldn't live on water...which I do...I would want to live by mountains. They do what water does...change with the clouds in the sky and where your body is viewing them and every view is a good one. There is no bad view of a mountain or no bad view of a body of water.