Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Gift Card Box with paper flowers and pearls

Here's a "Marlyss & Stacey" version of a 
Bridal Dress we made from foam core 
(because that's what we do) for

We decorated it with
paper flowers and pearls and
customized it with the 
bride and groom's name.

We had such fun creating all 
the paper flowers....especially the roses.
I liked ALL the different varieties of
flowers we came up with but the
rose was my favorite.

Here's the finished dress and
a picture of the 
gift card slot for the bride and
groom's gift cards that they
will receive at the wedding reception.

This wedding gift card box is available
TO RENT if you are in Michigan. We'll change the
names at the top to any names.

Just email us at: marlyss@mac.com

Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPod Dancers make great centerpieces

iPod dancers just say FUN, don't they?
These were 4 feet tall and went on a 
large 8 foot D.J. sign. 

They had battery operated light wires for
the iPod cords that really glowed. 

They were two layers with black foam core on blue layer.
But they could be any color on the background.
Pink or lime green would really pop!

We've also made them smaller and
with a plain white cord that was
not illuminated. 
But still so cute and perfect for
a table centerpiece.
Lots of different poses!

My internet friend BJ Boyd sent me this
next picture of how she displayed the 
dancing figures we sent to her with a 
real outfit and she put the iPod and wire in
and added the cool necklace touch.

There are so many possibilities left to try.

We're ready to try some different figures and
in different colors.

Just call us with your ideas if you are having
a dance themed party or iPod party.

We're ready to expand the thought!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New York Party Decorations

NEW YORK Themed Party Decor.
A smattering from several different parties.

Here's some NY centerpiece designs.

Centerpieces featuring locations around NY.

Often we can do the same idea...like
Times Square for example...in different ways.

Here's the front and reverse side for
a centerpiece for Madison Square Gardens.

Food signs make fun signs.

Don't forget the Gift Card Money Boxes.

Or, the Big D.J. signs with the PARTY LOGO.

And, the always important PLACECARDS and
a fun display for them.
So if your theme is New York, we've
got some ideas for you.

Give us an email at: