Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Sweet 16 party things can be so fun!
made like a slot machine with chocolate
coins in the bottom.

Let us make something special for you
we offer Do-It-Yourself Instructional Videos 
for folks on a tight budget or like to make things.


Here's a Mardi Gras Gift Card Box.

Here's a few with an actual number 16 that
were boxed in for gift cards to drop into the top.
This neon florescent pink one below 
glows under black light but is pretty
bright and sparkly in daylight.

"Elegant and glitzy with rhinestone bling." 
That's how I would describe this gold and white 
Gift Card Money Box for a Sweet Sixteen party.
 Or how about blue?
Often we can work in themed elements like we did with these lollipops.

Cut-out names of ANY size are something we
can always make and ship anywhere.

30" sizes work well for Sign In's or Candlelighting tables.

Larger sizes (like Haley's name) can be 4ft. to 8ft. long and
be made to stand on a table top or hang from a drop
ceiling, dj truss or pipe and draping poles. 
We can provide the hangers for the reverse side.

We did do a play on words from
"My Super Sweet 16" and 
changed it to 13.
So that was almost one.

Most of things we've done have 
been Sign In Boards.

Here's a centerpiece we did with
a Green Day Rock guitar Rock theme.
I always thought this makeup
centerpiece would be a good
Sweet 16 centerpiece but it was
actually for a 50's theme party.
I guess no one does curlers any more.
It's all about blow dryers and straight hair now.
But the lipstick and nail polish still applies!

"Fashion" is a good Sweet 16 theme.
Here's a designer foamcore oversized purse for
a Gift Card Box for those cards and checks. 

Also, here's some foamcore designer shoes as 
Table Numbers for a Sweet Sixteen party along 
with a sign that went on the Sweet Table.

If you need something unique and customized
just for you, email us at:

Or VISIT OUR TWO WEBSITES for more ideas!