Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White Wedding Guitar Centerpiece

Oooh...la...la.....these were so pretty. All white for wedding centerpieces.

Pearly white guitar...iridescent shred in the pole.....white gloss and clear iridescent poufs at the base...and a pretty bow.....so pretty.

I think these guitar centerpieces could work for a wedding or a Sweet 16 party or just an all white party.

We have lots of different all white or off-white guitars to pick from and make a nice variety at a wedding or shower or Sweet 16....maybe even a rehearsal dinner?

I heard from our last bride that the guests took them off the tables and were dancing with them. I'll bet that made for some fun photos. She did say they managed to keep a few and they are hanging on her wall with her wedding invitation.

Friday, March 27, 2009


2012 UPDATE to the older 2009 post:

I've found the K-Caps shown below crack and break too easily and too soon and they
don't replace the broken ones for you. So I've found a better option.

Try these: (click the picture for a link to Amazon or check out Cafe Cup.) They work great and are super easy to clean and re-use.

I really like my morning coffee. It has to be strong and tasty. Usually that means Starbucks French Roast or Serona or Komodo Dragon. It's usually a Decaf or a bit of both. (I'm going for the flavor. I'm already awake so I don't need the coffee to wake me up.) Those are my favorites. I'm so spoiled by making it exactly how I like it that I don't ever order coffee out...unless, of course, it's at Starbucks.

Stacey hooked us all on the Keurig coffeemaker. Each of our houses have one. The kids make hot chocolate with it or tea.

The hot water dispenser is great for adding hot water to Costco's hashbrown cartons that need to have water added and let sit for 10 minutes to turn into some outstanding hashbrowns.

I grind my own beans and refill the little Keurig cups with my own Starbucks coffee and put a handy little plastic K-Cap on it. (If you have a Keurig you might want to check out these K-Caps.)

I also have a favorite Panera coffee thermos with the perfectly designed drinking spout.

I'm very fussy about my morning coffee. It's a simple pleasure but such a pleasure it is.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Puzzle Boards for Candle Lighting Ceremonies

We enjoy making puzzle boards for Bar & Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremonies. They have 2 large 20" x 30" photos on them and they sit nicely on a standard easel.

The bottom photo that is revealed is usually the older photo...but not always. There's no rule about that.

The top photo is cut into as many pieces as needed. We've done 7. Mostly we do 13 or 14. Again, there is no rule.

We use a small ribbon tab (see the upper right corner) to help in removing the first piece. The rest of the pieces just follow. They don't fall off because there is a tiny bit of color matched velcro on each piece to hold it in place until it's time to be removed.

The pieces can be handed off to a sibling or a dj helper or set on a small table. We've also added a back pocket on the reverse side if requested for the pieces.

We like making them. Especially when we are given such excellent photos like this one of Nathan. Isn't he such a doll!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cut-out foamcore names for parties

One thing Stacey and I make a bunch of is cut out names. We often make them 24" or 30" wide. That size works well for 30" x 40" foam board that folks buy themselves and use for their own Sign In Boards. (We cut our foamcore Sign In Boards 32" x 42". ) Or, they are often for candlelightings with a 36" base or welcome/placecard signs or candy shoppe signs. Some are for big D.J. signs.

We use a combination of paint, glitter, cracked ice mylar and foamcore, of course! I'm still-and-always on the prowl for the best font for the job. We made the jungle pattern letters ourselves for Morgan and they were over 2ft. The leafy ones in the Shelby font were some digital alphabets we found.

I just recently discovered the difference between purchasing an "alphabet" and purchasing a "font". In case you don't know the difference either, the alphabets are just individual letters or numbers that you need to use as a pictures and you need to import them in one letter at a time. You can't type in a line of words like I'm doing here.

Here's an UPDATE to this post I did in 2009. These are some recent cut out names we've done in 2011.  Check out our website  and look on the CUT-OUT NAMES page and you'll see all sorts of names and font styles.

We love making these names and adding embellishments if requested. Our goal is to do every name in the world....and we have a long way to go.....so give us a call or drop us an email.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artsy Guitars

We've got some NEW ARTSY GUITARS in our repertoire of guitar styles. We offer photo realistic ones, plain white ones and these more artsy ones.

They can have the party theme name on them. They can have photos of the party person or famous rock musicians. They can be in the party colors and be made into centerpieces or added to Welcome signs or Placecard Displays or Sign In Boards.

It's all about being personalized and unique and one-of-a kind.

I've got some great models to help show the size and scale. They really know how to get with the program without any prompting. They are ROCK STARS at heart!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Half in and Half out of winter

It's a funny month...March.

Still kind of winter and dibs and dabs of hints of fresh spring.

The thawing lake ice is always a happy sign of what's to come.

Half ice...winter....half moving water....spring and summer.

I always thought I should take a picture of it....now I did.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rock Star Guitars...fancy and plain.

We love guitars over here.

Our kids love playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band and
we always have lots of our foamcore photo realistic guitars in the making to mail out for parties.

Folks are always emailing me with creative new thoughts and ways they plan to use the foamcore guitars we make and giving us new inspiration.

We now offer them from plain white unpainted ones for the hardcore do-it-yourselfer as well as complete centerpieces with all the components needed to make them a finished centerpiece for candle lightings, placecard tables, sign in boards and table centerpieces.

We especially liked this one for Jamie's candlelighting with just 3 candles for past, present and future.