Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet and Simple Party Centerpiece

On this first day of a cold and wintery February, 
I decided it was time to post a picture with the
sweet and simple centerpieces we did for
a young lady named Summer.

Finding a balance in an unheated garage.

"Best Advice" articles for those in their own business.

My favorite paragraph was on  Business Balance. 
Here's an excerpt.

I had just used that word the day before in a form 
I was filling out for an application for a small business
grant contest that Fedex is sponsoring.
Here's my form. 

Starting January 16th if enough folks are kind enough to vote
for us then we may move onward to the next level of finalists.

I have plans for what I would do with the grant and it 
involves upgrading my shipping area. 

I "balance" my work life between designing on the computer and boxing
and shipping our party decorations that Stacey brings to life.

My teeter totter balances between being cozy and comfortable at the
computer and being cold and frosty in our garage shipping area.

Oh how nice it would be if my teeter totter was level and I 
was warm in both places. I would have achieved another
form of 'Balance' in another area of my life. 
I'm so hoping to see that in my future!