Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That darn ipad. I love it but it has it's limitations.

It makes me crazy that the ipad doesn't
support Adobe flash. 

It makes me especially crazy that our
 website Photo Gallery section is
generated by Flash so it gives folks this
error message...and me included....when
I'm on my ipad.

The pictures are available on regular computers
that have Adobe Flash installed to work with
their SPECIFIC browser.

But sometimes it won't work with Safari even
though it works with Google Chrome on my
home computer.

I experimented with other options for the website for
all the ipad users and finally
just decided to add more pictures into the
body of our website and forget about the
flash Photo Gallery updates for now.
The iphone and ipad users are taking over the world
and Apple is forcing you to go in the direction it
wants you to head whether you like it or not.
And...I have to admit..limitations or not, I'm
a huge ipad and Apple fan.

Here's the latest picture I added to
the CENTERPIECE page of our

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winter's Coming so Tropical Beach Parties will be in.

Nothing like having a beach party in the winter.
Makes perfect sense to me.

If you can't be there, pretend to be there.

We've definitely done more beach themes in the
winter time than in the summer. But not always.

Here's some fun BEACH THEME ideas we've done.

Sign In Boards are popular.

Catch a Wave on a surfboard SIGN IN BOARD made
from foamcore with layered glittered letters.

Note that these two surfboard sign in boards
were done in October and January. See?

Looking for placecards or a 3D lifeguard
chair to display? Check out this blog
post I made here.

Now I know you don't want to think about it...but
there are sharks at the beach. We even made 
paper mache shark heads as centerpieces one time.

I can't say it was one of the strangest things I've
been asked to make but it's on the list of unusual.
But we had fun making them.

Camp plays friendly with a beach and water theme.

That's what good about a beach theme. 
Everyone loves the beach and it can be 
incorporated with camp or travel or tropical islands
even if you are in the middle of winter.