Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Fling/ Sign In Board & Ceiling Decor

Spring Fling in purple, fushia, yellow and lime.

Here's a Sign In Board we did that is one of the few that we
have done without a photo. I loved it!

We also did some ceiling decorations over the dance floor.
We took purple tulling with cracked ice rope lighting inside it.
We swagged that first all around 3 sides. Then we took one #40 sized
ribbon on the top of it and 2 under it.

In each swag that was pulled up to the ceiling there was a cluster of
3 big gerbera daisies, some leaves, some gossamer, some 6" tulling and ribbon streamers on both sides. We pre-made those clusters and just needed to lift and place them all around the perimeter.

So pretty and so much work climbing the ladder..up and down a million times.
Well...maybe not a just feels like a million.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Name in lights for big stage

Here's the actual party setting for the big centerpieces from the last post.

Stacey and I also made really BIG 4 foot letters that were loaded with lights. Actually over 1,000 lights between both the names. We poked holes and inserted lights for hours! But what a cool effect it made on this really big stage that was over 40 feet wide.

I made Stacey and our superdupper helper Ryan stand next to the letters so you could get a sense of how big they were.

The venue, The Royal Oak Music Theater, was very dark and we even had to set up in semi-darkness. The beautiful silvery linens and those big lighted names on the stage made the party glow and sparkle.

I think this is one of my most favorite parties and we loved working with the party planner Andrea Solomon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Funky Musical Keyboard BIG Centerpiece

These centerpieces were over 4ft. tall.

Big and Swirly.

These funky keyboard spirals had purple
cracked ice foil on the keys.

The poses of the twin girls were very fun and
in the style of real ROCK STARS with
microphones, special clothing and party makeup added.

The 3D musical centerpieces looked interesting and
different from all angles.

These Bat Mitzvah centerpieces were for a party
in Michigan. Unfortunately, they would not be easy to
ship or to assemble if they were mailed. You'd have to fly us out
to assemble them on the spot because not only were they
very large, they took some finessing to get them just right.

But I think they'll be remembered.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's about time to give up my polar fleece jacket with all the wonderful zipper pockets.

I stopped carrying a purse almost 12 years ago when my sweet grandboy Jacob was born. It was just too difficult to worry about a purse with all the baby paraphernalia. It had to go and I haven't missed it a bit.

I now go for anything with zippered pockets. The more the better. There have been moments when I've had too many pockets and was overwhelmed with all the choices but now I can't cope with life without wearing something that I can zip zip zip!

They have to zip. I discovered that after my cell phone sat outside on the ground by my van all night because it slipped out of my unzipped pocket as I slid out of the door. That never happens when things are all zipped up!

Look at these great new capri pants with the perfect...and I do mean PERFECT.....iphone pocket. They definitely do fall into the category of My Favorite Things.

"Night Club" theme signs and foamcore kleig light

Whether you need SIGNS or CENTERPIECES or maybe a GIFT CARD BOX...we can make something fun and creative with a Night Club theme.
This gift card box had a battery operated light wire.

I think a Night Club theme is a fun and easy going theme.

You aren't locked into the "expected elements" like you are with sports or fashion or movies. You can branch out to something like zebra prints & fringed lampshades or make it disco or just do flowers and a custom logo.

Pretty much any colors will work but bright and bold neon colors are dazzling.

This D.J. sign had 2 very faux kleig lights at the top of the sign.....very fake, flat and one dimensional here but don't they look realistic. These lights look good too with actual little lights poked in the light area. They also look cute in a little skirted dance stage centerpiece for a dance or Broadway theme. They sit on the edges and face upward.

I also see a trend towards more "Open Seating for Kids" signs instead of placecards for kids. Great on the budget. And, of course, the important "Welcome" sign to greet the guests.

Here's a simple sign and matching simple free standing centerpiece.


Now in 2010 we have these very cool battery operated foamcore kleig lights. They would be GREAT for a night club theme. You could use them as table centerpieces. They light up and look cool on the table without any electrical cords needed. The light can be steady on or rotating colors. The light is not harsh so it would not be distracting at a dinner table. But they also would work well on a specialty table like the a Candy/Sweet Table or Welcome/Placecard display.  Think Creatively!

Here's a picture that shows the little bulbs that are in the light that give it such an amazing effect.

Send me an email if you'd like more info: 
We'd love to help with your ideas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet 16 V.I.P. Sign In Board

Here's a lovely SIGN IN BOARD that
was so much fun to create.

Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp
walked the red carpet with
Samantha in her special dress for
the evening.

All our younger kids around here cracked us
up when they asked why "Larry" from
"Howie Do It" was on the board with her.
We had to explain that was Johnny Depp.
Ah....he does resemble him though.

Samantha's name was in 3 separate
cut out layers and black sparkly glitter.
It was so pretty and very dimensional.

If you'd like to view more Sweet Sixteen ideas,
you can see another blog post I did.
Here's the link to that post.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Foam Board Tools of the Trade

Here's some of tools we use over and over in making our foamcore party decorations.

Use sharp and fresh blades. Get good ones and change the blade often. A blade that appears
sharp and will cut your hand will often chew the edges of foamcore....can't figure that out but it's true.

Foamcore and Foamboard is the same thing. 3/16" works great for most applications and is sturdy and rigid and stays flat unless you get it wet. Then it bows. If that happens just add a bit of water to the reverse side and weight it down and it will flatten right out.

A straight edge ruler is a must for cutting straight lines. Even after all this time I still don't try to cut a straight line without one. I also use a cork backed ruler that doesn't slide on the foamcore.

Make the circle first with a pencil and then lightly cut around on the pencil line. Don't try to cut all the way thru on the first pass. On the second pass you just stay in the track you've made and focus on cutting the rest of the way thru.

This brand is the best. We've tried the others but we like this one by far the most. It's compatible with the foamcore. It doesn't warp it. You can glue photos or lightly mist a board with it and sprinkle glitter over it.

Don't get one of those mini ones. A regular sized one isn't expensive. Get the 10" glue sticks for it as well and it saves some time. Clear glue sticks have the least amount of actual glue in them. They bond just by melting. Milky white ones are good for most applications and the heavy duty tan ones will glue everything...including your gym shoes if you need to!

One Shot lettering enamel is the best paint there is. It truly covers in one shot and the colors are beautiful. They just came out with a new color called Sublime Green and it's the most gorgeous lime green ever. We also love the magenta that is like a hot pink color. The dark magenta is a great fushia pink. Try this paint and you'll love it. It's worth the extra price it is for the time it saves and it's slow drying qualities that allow you to drop glitter on it and have it stick very well.

And last, but certainly not least....glitter. It should be at the top! We love it and use it every day. Nothing beats the sparkle. It's hard to work with those tiny 4 oz. jars. You need to drop a handful on your wet paint and do it over newspaper and then pour what doesn't stick right back into the jar. If you drop it onto spray paint you have to be really fast. It doesn't always stick too well...especially on those lovely Design Master spray colors which dry almost instantly. Some of the other sprays give you a longer working time but the One Shot lettering enamels can give you enough time to even answer the phone!

I hope these resources are helpful in getting the best results from your projects.

Past, Present & Future Candle Lightings

I think this is a lovely and fast way to do the candlelighting ceremony with just 3 candles and it covers everyone and doesn't hurt anyones feelings by being left out.

Here's some helpful inspiration from some centerpieces I've done and also some wording that I found that might be helpful to make it all come together.

FIRST CANDLE: The first candle represents the past. The people I have loved and lost in my lifetime and the relatives I was not lucky enough to have met. Mom, will you please come up and light this first candle in honor of those who are no longer with us. (Song: chorus of I Miss You by Miley Cyrus or Circle of Life)

SECOND CANDLE: The second candle represents the present. It is for the adults in my parents, my grandparents, my aunts & uncles and special grownup friends. You help guide me, listen to me and just have fun. Dad, will you please come up and light candle number 2. (Song: chorus of I Learned From You by Billy Ray/Miley Cyrus or Raise Your Glass by Pink or It's a Beautiful Life)

THIRD CANDLE: This last candle represents the future. It is for all the special friends in my life and for our hopes and dreams for the future. Sister/Brother will you please come up and light this last candle for all my cousins and friends. You're the best. (Song: Chorus of We're the Kids of the Future or Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All)

ENDING: Thank you all for coming to celebrate this special day with me. Now, let's blow out these candles and get this party started.

We can do one of our freestanding cutout
and glittered names. Simple and easy.
Or, we can add other elements with 
the cutout these guitars.
Or, we can add themed items.
Each one is unique and different just as
people are. 
Email us and we can design one
that is created just for you.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jungle Safari/Rainforest dangers

When I deliver a sign I snap a picture when it's all hung in place.

When I ship a this one was....I don't get that luxury.

This was a big sign. (4ft. x 8ft.) All the pieces were not glued on so that it could fold for compact and safe and most importantly... economical shipping costs.

"Rockin' Rainforest" was painted on and also the same for the "and". "Morgan" and "Shelby" were each one unit and needed to be glued on when it arrived. The advantage here is that the names can be used after the party for a bedroom wall design. The same for the animals.

But here's my big issue. I have to stand on my counter to take the picture. (In this picture I didn't crop out the rugs and chairs because it gives you scale and also shows that it was on the floor.) I have to hold the camera near the ceiling AND lean WAY FORWARD so it doesn't distort too much. There's been moments when I have thought .... please don't let me fall on the sign! I haven't yet. I'm careful how far I lean forward but it still makes me queasy.

It's so much easier to take a picture of a sign hanging in a party leaning forward there. But then I have to climb a ladder to hang again my life is in peril. (lol) Who knew I had such a dangerous job???