Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Football Tailgate Centerpiece and Sign

1. Take an octagon base and wrap it in
navy blue and sparkly iridescent orange

2. Make a goal post and football and a
team helmet in foamcore.

3. Insert the helmet into the base & the
football in the goal post with round
wooden tooth picks.

4. Add some mylar poufs and voila!
A football centerpiece!

I like and understand 
better than I understand real football!

But I love our guy Jeff who plays football.
 He's a cool kid.

But these football centerpieces aren't for him.
They're shipping out tomorrow to another state.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Those crazy snowmobilers.

What do 'ya want to bet it was a guy that made these 
tracks on our ice?

Probably under thirty.

Saw a hole in the ice and just knew he could make
it over it.

Looks like he has a little trouble on one side of
the puddle.

It also looks like he only did it once.

Maybe he learned from his mistake...or...
maybe he went looking for another puddle?

Luckily the water is only about a foot deep
at this spot in the wildlife area of our lake
at this time of year.

But I somehow have the feeling the
depth might not even have mattered
to this wildlife snowmobiler.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What color are we suppose to love this year?

 Pantone...a color authority....says this is
THE COLOR of 2010.

Maybe so.

I think they just rotate colors because turquoise has
been on the outs for awhile.

It's been so "out" that I had to have a color custom
mixed up by Home Depot.

Here's my special mix.

It's more blue.

I love it, don't you?

But my pretty
bowl is a closer match to the "trendy Pantone
turquoise".  It's a glass bowl I got at an
artfair.  Do you believe I would put a
gallon of paint in it. What am I thinking!
Well....only for the picture.

I do love turquoise. I love it with lime green.
I love it with red and yellow.
I really love it with purple.

Hooray for turquoise this year.

If you want to mix up a batch yourself,
here's the numbers from the Home Depot
mix formula.