Friday, August 30, 2013

Slot Machine Gift Card Money Boxes for weddings, sweet 16 or mitzvahs


Perfect for any age or Vegas/gambling themed party.
This one was for an 86th birthday but it works just as well for a Sweet 16.
There is a slot in the top to drop those money envelopes into.
Each one can be fully customized with your words and colors.


We did it in Vegas!
Love it!
What a cute saying for a slot machine 

This colorful red gift card box was
for a reception held after the bride & groom
came home from Vegas.

I'm sure it set the mood for the party.
I heard the red 7's had special meaning for 
the groom.

Just like these "16"'s have special
meaning at this Sweet Sixteen party.

Just like these wedding bells have
special meaning on this wedding
gift card slot machine.

Or the "Bar" on this Bar Mitzvah slot machine.

There are so many ways to 
customize these foamcore slot machines.
Here's one we customized with the
Caesar's Palace font style and the Soy Money
logo and the logo on the front of the box that were
 used in the party.

How can we customize one for you?

Visit our two websites for more ideas!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday Party Decorations...Every year should be the best one.

Start with Birthday #1.
That's pretty important even though
you might not remember it, you should
have some good photos to look back on and
say:  "Ahhhh....wasn't I so cute and look
at the fun stuff at my party." should be able to say 
that very same thing EVERY YEAR.

So...Happy Birthday #1.
Ahhhh.....Carolena is so cute.

And...look at the fun stuff at her party.

At another one year old party we did baby animals.

 Maybe a King or Queen of the Jungle theme?

Baby animals are fun for a few early years.
Then into maybe music and guitars?
Or maybe the Rock theme can start the
first year.

Happy Birthday guitars work for any age
and there are other accents that can
go along with it like a Placecard
Board or a big sign.

Maybe there is no "theme"...just "birthday" is 
the theme. That's a theme for sure.

Or.....hobbies and things that say who
you are and what you like make for fun
birthday centerpieces.

Probably the years we get the most
requests to make something special are
13 and 16.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at 13 and
Sweet Sixteens.

I have many more pictures from
 Mitzvah Parties and
Sweet 16's on the website at

Come and visit us there to see more.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Before and After: What it takes to create a party food station sign.

Fun and cool looking food station 
all start with a mess.

Lots of cut-pieces, paint and glitter.
Also, supplies all over the place.

Supplies like the TV remote there in the middle.
And the hot glue gun.
There is also coffee and snack bars.

The vacuum is our friend at the end of 
making a bunch of signs like these.