Saturday, November 3, 2012

NY Broadway Theater Playbill Party Decorations

Broadway is such a great party theme.
We've done it for boys and girls both.

We've started with placecards.
Then done Welcome Signs.

And moved into the room with
centerpieces....both low on 
the table and elevated up on a pole.
(Notice that we added the Bar Mitzvah
girls face into the design above and in the one 
below there is a picture from the actual
play the Bat Mitzvah boy was in.)'s a broadway stage with an working foamcore
kleig light that runs from 2 AA batteries and a golden
envelope with the 'winner' for the table name card.

We've done large DJ signs.
This was one of my favorites.
It was 4ft. x 8ft.

We've also made a kids area sign with 
a Broadway theme.

And....of course, a Sign In Board.

And a Gift Card Box.

This is a theme we always have fun with
and enjoy the end results.