Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to make elf shoes.

Not really too hard to make.

I used an old pair of sandals so the bottom
sole would be waterproof and firm.

Then I cut out the shoe shape from green
vinyl fabric matching the width of the
shoe with the sandal.

I put the right sides of the vinyl together and stitched all 
around leaving the bottom open.

Then I turned the vinyl right side out.
I folded over the bottom of the vinyl about 1/4" and then
used a heavy carpet thread and a strong sewing
needle to hand stitch it to the shoe.

Then I hot glued upholstery gimp trim around
and on top of the stitching.

Then I stuffed the curvy toe of the shoe so 
it would stay upright.

I sewed a bell to each tip and hot glued fluffy fur
around the top.
Voila! Sturdy waterproof and durable
elf shoes that were comfortable to wear.

The lovely gold frame design in the top picture was  
compliments of a fellow blogger in France.

Friday, December 28, 2012

PEACE. LOVE. LIFE. (party decorations)

And the Important Things in Life.

This is just a wonderful theme. It's so versatile and can
be so personalized to fit the party person.

Here's some ideas from this year.

Coincidentally one was for "HALLE" and
one was for "HALEY".

Here's the logo created by Laura at Party Perfect for 
HALLE in grunge-style lettering.

We made the centerpieces.

Here's the table centerpiece for 
Peace, Love, Laugh.
Peace, Love, Trust.
Peace, Love, Harmony.
You get the idea?
Peace, Love, Adventure.

Each placecard matched a 
centerpiece design.

Here's a bunch of the designs.

Peace, Love, Out. 
(until next time)