Saturday, February 9, 2013

Having a Diner Themed party?

With all the cooking shows on cable tv, it
seems like food and diner themes are 
becoming popular.

I think it makes for a fun party.

Here's some place cards we made 
for  Wally's Diner. They looked like guest
checks and we used a font that looked
like handwriting.
They stood in slits cut into a foamcore topper
with a cute waitress....also known 
as the guest of honor.

For kids centerpiece there were elevated 
and low hamburger and fries centerpieces
made from foamcore and a
Milk Shake Bar sign for them.

 Kids had Open Seating in 
the RESERVED area.

There was also a big D.J. sign
and a candle lighting 
centerpiece made in tiers
with coke glasses with candles.

The candles were held in 
place with coke-colored stones that 
made the glasses looked like iced coke.
And, of course, red checks all over.
Loved that touch.