Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not your ordinary totem pole

Hey...sometimes you just have to give 
folks some big kudos.
I'm sure this tree had to be cut
down for some reason and
these folks went to a whole
bunch of effort and expensive to
make what was probably a sad 
decision into something creative
and beautiful and show stopping to me.

I was driving along a road in my 
neighborhood and WOW...there was this
big fish and turtle.

I jumped out of the car and started snapping pictures
with my trusty iPhone.

The guy across the street yelled over to me
"Isn't that great!" and I confirmation that
it sure was. He then informed me that it 
cost $1,000. 

Now here's some folks that sure made
some good lemonade from the lemon of 
having to lose their tree that was in a
prime time spot at the end of their driveway.

Now every time they drive in and out of their 
driveway, they get to admire it. 
And every time I drive down
their street, I'll be admiring it also.

It sure beats the other style of tree 
stump salvage decorations. This one
is in my neighborhood also. kudos here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magnolia Tree Heart Break

 I have a Magnolia tree in my yard.
I transplanted it from my previous house and
it was the only thing I brought over. 

I love this tree but it has a painfully brief time of
beauty in the spring.

This year it was even more brief.

I went out over the weekend and took the pictures in
the top photo. I took some really close ups with the macro
lens on my iphone. The tree looked exquisite.

Monday we got a frost.

Of course.
It's still March. 

Whew....Glad I at least have the pictures 
because I now have a brown tree in my yard.

Another reason I love my iphone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The boss

The whole house to pick from and my
Daisy picks my favorite fleece with
the zipper pocket I love to put my 
iphone in to keep it safe.

I couldn't bear to move her.

I had thrown my fleece on the floor at the 
top of the stairs and I had to walk 
around her all day as she siesta'd.

As I traveled up and down the stairs
in various times of the day, she never
budged. She had laid claim to it and
was staying put. 

 She's 'da boss and
I know it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Restaurants Around Town

Love the fact that they had the
courage to put an Unhealthy 
omelet on their menu AND make you feel
guilty if you ordered it. Mama is looking 
out for you!

Who feels like doing math after
you've stuffed yourself with ribs?
 Thanks Famous Dave's for
making life both delicious and easy. 

Really?? Only Bud Light on tap?
With all the really wonderful craft beers brewed
in Michigan and you only have Bud Light on tap??
Well, at least they only charge $2.50 for
the crap. But if it was free, I still wouldn't
drink it.

Commerce, Michigan
Oh Yeah.....sweet place.
Right to the very end.
I want my check always brought to me
like this.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet Candy Shoppe Signs for parties

Call it what you will:

Sweet Shoppe
Sweet Shop
Candy Bar
Candy Land
Sugar Buzz
Candy Corner
Seaside Sweets
Sweet Escape
Sweet Factory
Hollywood Sweets
Candy Express
Easy Breezy 

Sign In Boards with a holder for pens
on the lollipop stick or near it.

Maybe not a Sign In....but something to sit on
your Candy Table.
Sweet Shop Candy Sign with lights in the candy dots.

We can make signs in any shape.

We can make striped awnings.
We can make funky Willy Wonka letters.

See a trend here with the Willy Wonka font????
But different is good also.

We can make them for Welcome Signs.
We can make signs in any colors.

We can also make 
Sweet Shoppe Gift Card Boxes.

 Such a Yummy Theme!