Monday, October 15, 2012

SIGN IN BOARDS for Parties.

One thing we do often make are Sign In Boards.

I think they make a wonderful party props to set
the tone of the party and let people in on the theme
of the night and highlight that special person.

They also are a great spot to grab a picture.
(This happens to be my Eagle Scout grandson Ryan.)

 It really isn't so much about the signatures or
the messages. The messages left are usually the same
as people have already told you in "great job!" or
"Happy Birthday" or "Mazel Tov" or "proud of you".

But it does gives folks another opportunity to congratulate and
also see that you have taken the time to have something
fun and interesting to make the party personal and lively.

I often hear...."But what will I do with it after
the party? I might get a memory book instead because it's easier
to keep." 

Well, memory books are fine. I like them. We also make them.
(You can view a blog post I made about them here.)

But, personally, I like Sign In Boards better.They are BIGGER.
Big things at a party just have more impact and pizzazz.
That's just a fact. They are more memorable. 
That's why you're getting a Sign In Board. 
To have something cool at the party. 
You wouldn't be having a Sign In Board if you weren't having a party. 
So don't worry about later. 
Take a picture of the board and save that.
You don't have to save the board forever and ever.

Another good thing about a Sign In Board is that it's standing
right there at your eye level when you walk into the party.
You really can't miss them. You CAN miss a book.

I hear often that not that many people signed the book.
Maybe they did miss it. Or...maybe they didn't.
A book is intimidating. Writing in a book means you should
comes up with something clever on the level of what 
J.K. Rowling would write in a book. Most people aren't prepared
for that much pressure. They are there to PAR-TAY or celebrate.... not
be profound and clever in writing something beautiful in 
a book that will be kept (hopefully) forever and read and
reflected upon the words left there. Oh dear...such pressure!
Where's the Sign In Board???? 

You can view more Sign In Boards on
our website.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life before Google

I have all these artwork resource books I used before Google 
and all their wonderful images came out. 

I've been doing party decor artwork that long! 

I remember the 'olden days'.

They use to be called 'morgue' files and my files
spilled over even into 2 tall file cabinets of pages 
I had torn out from magazines that I kept in labeled folders...
just for inspiration or to place on my overhead projector 
and to help me draw up designs.
That was before I even had a computer.
OMG...times are so much better now!
I LOVE my computers....both of them and my ipad 
and my iphone. I'm in 2012 with both feet!

But...It pains me to even think about throwing out these books. I have to???

Well...I've decided I don't have to do it today.
But some day soon.

THIS is what I need in front of my house.
Or at least in my town.