Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerusalem Wall/Pink Floyd Wall

Here's a collection of "WALLS" we've done.

The top one is a Jewish themed centerpiece....the front side and the reverse side with the wall and the camel. Each foamcore brick was separately cut out and painted and then applied on the reverse side. I love the variegated colors.

The big middle swash of wall is a closeup of the bottom picture. It was an 4ft. x 8ft. wall that was used to leave message in. It replaced a traditional Sign In Board at a Bar Mitzvah. We used real cardboard boxes for that.
We took boxes with a hinged lid and sprayed them. Then we mounted them on a 4ft. x 8ft. piece of foamcore and put supports on the back to make it free standing. People could write a message and put it into the cracks in the wall between the stones. When they did that, it actually went inside the box. Later the messages were removed by opening the boxes.

The gray wall from was the Pink Floyd album. Again they were individually cut out bricks mounted to another layer of foamcore after they had each been sprayed a variation of gray. This was a Sign In Board and you could write on it anywhere...on any of the bricks. Thanks Ina for suggesting this
 cool idea that we could run with! We really enjoyed working on this Sign In Board.

Bricks and walls and stones make foamcore look like something it isn't.  How fun is that!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Art Fair Favorites

Here are some of the things I liked the best at the Great Lakes Art Fair.

Of course, I liked this. It has foamcore in it. How could I not!
What a creative use for strips of black foamcore. I could even see this as a party centerpiece with photos of the party family in the cubes.

I have a whole big bag of gourds in my garage that I wanted to do something just like this with.
This lady put a cute little animal inside them but I wanted to put woodland fairy creatures inside.
Maybe someday I'll get to carve into those gourds. In the meantime I'm not letting loose of them because I've got a plan.

I adore this ladies purses.
I don't ever carry a purse though.
I use zipper pockets in my clothing instead.
But I admire these at every Art Fair I go to.
She's at a bunch of them and I'll bet she does very well because they are gorgeous.

These life maps were so unique.
Who wouldn't feel very special if someone took so much time to create this extremely personalized gift. I was impressed.

Yard Art.
Yes, I own a piece or two of Yard Art.
I have a grandson who is intrigued by the idea of welding things together. Although he is only 12, I see some welding tools in his future. Not for working though. For creating stuff.  And then I can have more Yard Art and more things to hang on my wall. I like that idea.

This bookseller had the best booth in the place.
It was fairy enchantment. So, of course, I was drawn right in.
And, of course, I bought his book "Thistledom". He extracted it right from this nook in the tree.
I am enchanted.

I love Art Fairs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Lakes Art Fair foam trim signs

Who goes to an Art Fair and takes pictures of the Art Fair signs? Me! I loved them.

I guess I may have loved them partly because they had glitter on them and were painted a bright yellow. I've always loved yellow.

Or, maybe I loved them because they used styrofoam moulding...just like the stuff I used around my ceiling.

I had some fun with that stuff. I got it locally at a place called Gingerbread Trim.

It was soooooo much less expensive than real wood and so darn easy to use.
Look how easy it was for the folks that made these signs to attach the sign on the back. Straight nails needed here.

Here's my moulding.
I even did the frame around the mirror in a different kind of the foam moulding.
And I also did a shelf under the mirror in the stuff.
Yes...I did get carried away with it.
(I used more than straight pins to hold it up though.)
The bow is wood.

I did take pictures of real Art Fair items too.
That's coming up later.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween box of leftovers

A few years ago we did some Halloween decorating for a private home and also for a club. I have a big box of stuff that has been hanging around ever since.

This year me and the younger set of my tribe dug into it and did some decorating.

I think this skelton head is the perfect addition to my woodsy little chair on my front porch with the little wooden "love" doll...don't you think.

So special.
Makes me filled with delight ever time I walk on my porch.
Oh yeah..not. (I can't wait for the next season....come on Christmas!)

For a few years this witch lady was just too scary but not this year!
She was brought out of the box by special request.
"Remember that witch that used to scare me?", Haley said.
"Where is she?"

Ahhhh...I think I can find her. she is in all her glory.

She use to be wearing a shirt that said "DETROIT....where the
weak are killed and eaten". I'm not sure where THAT shirt
went. Maybe I wore it out??

I remember using this guys head on a silver platter.
We put fresh parsley all around it and it sat on the food table.
Wasn't that so appetizing!

Jacob found a better use for it this year.

We found some glow in the dark chalk in the box and drew some body outlines in the street.
Then the kids laid in the outlines and we put eyeballs
and detached hands and feet around them. Yeah... I took pictures. I do that.

They had great fun ...I mean really lots of giggly fun!....but the pictures were... ahhhh.....disturbing. I think we crossed a line.
Two cars of people stopped and asked if we were alright.
Yeah...I said....we're just fine .....really....we're just getting ready for Halloween...
we're a little off center...but we're just fine....honest.

Who wants to decorate with cute little clowns and sesame street characters?
Not anyone I currently know.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrating the 1980's

Breakdancers....of course I remembered that.

But Pinky from PacMan? I think I forgot about him...if I ever even did
remembered him. I didn't play PacMan much. But he's cute. How could I forget him if I ever knew him?

Flashdance, boomboxes, Ghostbusters, Converse gym shoes....I think it's all coming back now.

What I like best about all these designs is the zebra print. I love that! Zebra print and lime green makes me want to paint my bedroom walls lime and get a zebra print bedspread. Ahhh...maybe that idea would work better in a Powder Room.....'ya think?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We love foamcore!

Oh yes, we surely do live and breath foamcore.

We especially love it when we have some help with those
big ungainly boxes. Thanks to karate guy Kevin for pitchin' right in!

We like to have some...and more.....and some more!

I also just love those empty big boxes. They are great for
cutting up into custom sized shipping boxes.

So everything about foamcore we love....the inside and
the outside parts.....just don't much like luggin' it. Each
case weights about 150 lbs.

I always feel so secure when we have a garage full. Yum!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Puzzle Board turns into Sign In Board...I like this idea.

I like things that can do double duty. I think I've mentioned that before.

In this case, it was first a Puzzle Board that was used in place of the traditional lighting of candles for a candle lighting ceremony. The pieces remove instead of candles being involved in any way.

Afterwards the wide borders on the board can be signed on for guests to leave their good wishes...usually just a "hey, good job" or a "you're awesome". But then you also have a fun party prop displayed for the rest of the party. Or in this case, the folks will be using it at a second party they are having the next day. Isn't that a great idea! Useful and resourceful.