Monday, October 25, 2010

The ESPN look for multi-sports parties.

I read somewhere that you need to group things together for the best statement. The article was referring to collectibles and collections people have of things like salt and pepper shakers, family photos, nicknacks, etc.

So I grouped together some ESPN pictures. makes sense to me. All in one place.

Like all the crayons in a box, all the silverware in the drawer. Like all my swings on the back porch. Like all the water in the lake...oh yeah....I'm glad that's all in one place and not divided into puddles. Like all the blankets on the bed. Like all the fingers on your hand. Like all the candy wrappers on the floor of my van. Like all the clothes on the floor. Well...some things are not so attractive all grouped together.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween in the 'Hood

I live in a Lakes Area. We have Big SUPERB GORGEOUS houses and not-so-superb houses all mixed in together. I live in a house about smack in the middle. Not SUPERB GORGEOUS but just fine for me....average. I don't have a washing machine in my front yard.

In fact....I have a problem with people who put stuff in their front lawn that doesn't belong there.

I don't mind decorations but junk. No empty flower pots. No gardens. No tomato plants in your front yard. Did you miss the show on TV about Curb Appeal??

We have some of those types dotted around our neighborhood. I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me to see JUNK in the front yard. Here's a slice of some crap in the front yard of a house near me. It makes me cringe to see those pots and junk scattered all over their front lawn.
So...I'm have this baggage. I'll admit to it.

Now I'm driving thru an area about 3 blocks down from me and ...What!...I spot a rusted 'ole pickup truck on someones LAWN! You know it caught my eye.

I start to get that feeling...that groaning feeling. Then I started to laugh. Cool. I liked it. Creative. I admire creativity.
I just had to snap a picture as I continued down the road.

Then I saw the competition.
Oh yeah....just a few doors down they had some competition...some very well done competition.

Although...if this wheel-less vehicle wasn't covered and gracefully draped in cobwebs and it wasn't 
Halloween, my blood pressure would probably have made a hole in the roof of my van.
But I actually admired it. I even got out of my van to snap a picture.

Pretty cool. 
I just hope it isn't there in November...and December....and on and on.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Car Racing in go carts

What guy or gal doesn't want to get into
a vehicle and start driving before they 
reach 16? 

I'll admit to it. 
I let my underage kids.. and now
my grandkids... sit on my lap and 
drive my car down our road.

I manage the gas and breaks.
They handle the steering wheel...
with my hand close by on the bottom
of the steering wheel. (After all,
we don't want to take out any roadside
mailboxes...or parked cars.) It's fun.
They do surprisingly well.

So it's no wonder that go-carting and
this place in Michigan called 
Cart to Cart is a fun place for kids to
have that driving experience 
at an early age.

We made these cute and colorful and
personalized centerpieces for a local
Bar Mitzvah.

The Mom took the photos on a day trip to
the venue and sent them over to us via 
email and we made them into centerpieces.
We made the flags from foamcore and
the little "roads/tracks" from foamcore too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 9

Jacob strikes again.

This time he gets a
"Panama Red Rump" from a 
tarantula seller he met on
Arachnoboards and also works at 
our local McDonalds.

 So the whole family took a trip up to
McDonalds one evening at 9 pm to
pick up "Ronald"...the new tarantula.

 Jacob has a new tank already prepared thanks to of the great guys who works with
Drew....who no longer needed it.

Jacob carefully encourages it to get into its new
environment. Sometimes they are very uncomfortable
with the change of scenery and and can act hostile.

But this one seemed to be adapting pretty well even
though the previous owner said this tarantula could
be kinda mean.

Jacob has a leather glove. 
Actually he has a pair that I donated to the tarantula endeavors.
So his Grandma...who is taking these pictures (that's me)
says why aren't you wearing TWO gloves?
Jacob says he's fine....don't worry.  
I worry. That's what I do while I take pictures. 
Watch and two middle names.

But, obviously, this tarantula knows 
he has a friend in Jacob. Some sort of
"tarantula 6th sense" I guess.

Drew admires this lovely new female tarantula and says
it reminds him of the one he had in looks and size.
This one is about 4 years old and about 6" or more.
It's a nice big one and apparently happy to be here.
This is my all time favorite shot.
It sorta says it all.

(to be continued)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me and my iPad and Huma Lupa Licious

I needed to share my pure delight with you.

Last night I:

1. Had a cordless phone meeting IN MY BED with a client in another state.

2. I typed up her invoice on my ipad IN MY BED whilst sippin' on a beer called Huma Lupa India Pale ale that is described as "A complex malt and hop theme park in your mouth". I'm not sure if this is my all time favorite beer because I like the name....or I like the idea of a theme park in my mouth (that's so weird...sorry). No....I think it is the taste. It rivals Starbucks for taste in the beer department. I love it. At 5 o'clock I start thinking about it. The show "The Doctors" said 2 beers a day are good for your heart. I love to help my heart keep beating. I'm all for that.

3. I emailed her invoice as I sipped on that beer.
I thought if I could only print out a hard copy for my files, life would be just fine.

4. I looked for an app for that. There are ipad apps for that. Amazing.

5. I sent my invoice to my printer wirelessly. Yes I did. ALL FROM MY BED~~ with my beer.

6. And then Stacey gave me a wonderful bed tray because I told her I was using a cardboard box to work on in bed with my ipad. Oh my gosh....I love it~!!  I may never leave my bed.
7. Now who delivers food...I mean right to my bedroom and sets it on my bed tray. Who does that? Is there an app for that? There should be.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kingthings Flashbang...our new discontinued font.

Stacey and I hung this sign at a pretty Bat Mitzvah party this weekend 
done in purple, silver and black.

I designed the sign and Stacey cut out the cute and crazy letters....
....and cut and cut and cut.

This font for "Tori" is called KIngthings Flashbang. 
Stacey decided we needed to call it our
"discontinued font"....thank you very much. 

A one of a kind....first, last and only.

 All those individual circles were separately cut out and all the 
FLASHBANG stars are cut from foamcore. 
Then painted and glittered with purple glitter. was sooo pretty....maybe Stacey will re-consider. 
I'll give her time. 
Maybe a year or so.