Friday, May 1, 2009

Graduation Centerpiece/Gift Card Box Ideas

for Graduation Parties!

2017 UPDATE:
We're still doing it!
(This is an older blog post from 2009 but thru the years I have been
updating it with our latest and greatest. 
I recently made a blog post with NEW Class of 2017 gift boxes.)

Square or a fun shape like this chef's hat.
Send me an email about your idea for a cool gift card money box!

We can make graduation centerpieces in
any colors or with any hobby or sports
related theme accents.

We do one level simple boxes @$85 and up to 
3 levels for $185.

Need a sign to hang on the wall? 
Any name with maybe a baseball, 
basketball or a soccer ball?

Need a gift card box? Send us your ideas.
We can do simple or fancy.
(Average range is $85-165.)

Graduation Sign In Board for 

maybe a Gift Card Box themed just for you.

We love making custom gift card boxes for 
those envelopes that graduates receive.

We also have fun making 

We can add several themed items into a centerpiece or
make something with your hobby or an electric or
acoustic guitar or maybe a school logo.
Visit our other website at: to see more like these.

Here's an idea that would work with
photo would work well at the top.
A centerpiece/gift card envelope box like
this can be made in ANY COLOR and
personalized specifically to you.


This mail box doesn't actually open. 
You put the cards safely in the top and 
there is a trap door on the bottom for later 
removing the cards.
Just give us the components like schools, 
name and colors and we can make something
one-of-a kind.

Gift Card Boxes can be school related or
more focused on favorite hobbies.

Dribbling a ball and cap.....funny fun stuff.

 Elaborate or elegantly simple...we can do both.

email me at:

We can design something up just for you
that you will see no where else.

(Most gift boxes are $150 plus
$24-45 shipping depending if 
you are on the east coast or west coast.
Simple ones can be $85....more elaborate up to $165.)

Or VISIT our PINTEREST PAGE for more ideas.

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