Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What color are we suppose to love this year?

 Pantone...a color authority....says this is
THE COLOR of 2010.

Maybe so.

I think they just rotate colors because turquoise has
been on the outs for awhile.

It's been so "out" that I had to have a color custom
mixed up by Home Depot.

Here's my special mix.

It's more blue.

I love it, don't you?

But my pretty
bowl is a closer match to the "trendy Pantone
turquoise".  It's a glass bowl I got at an
artfair.  Do you believe I would put a
gallon of paint in it. What am I thinking!
Well....only for the picture.

I do love turquoise. I love it with lime green.
I love it with red and yellow.
I really love it with purple.

Hooray for turquoise this year.

If you want to mix up a batch yourself,
here's the numbers from the Home Depot
mix formula.