Monday, March 22, 2010

Puzzle Boards for Parties

Here's some Puzzle Boards we've done in the last month.

They were used at parties in place of lighting
candles for a Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Each board has a little tab in the upper corner that 
is the first piece removed. Then it's easier to
remove the subsequent puzzle pieces without
having to work too hard at getting the next 
piece. We don't want to make things difficult for
the people standing up there in front of all
the other guests!

Underneath is another photo that is gradually

These boards sit just fine on a standard easel.

I've made the picture large here... if you click on it...
 so you can view the pieces and see how it is made 
with foamcore, paint and glitter. Glitter, of course.
That's our middle name. 

I'm Marlyss Glitter Hollyer and Stacey is
Stacey Glitter Dunagin.

Well...not really...but it should be.