Friday, April 9, 2010

Beach Placecards/3D Lifeguard Chair

Stacey has perfected the art of making a 3D
beach chair into an easy to ship and easy to
assemble cool looking beach chair.

(Wait until you see the cruise ship she made and
how the pieces all fit inside the body of the ship for
easy and compact and safe shipping.)

This lifeguard chair is about 3 foot tall and
makes a great placecard table display for a 
beach or tropical display. It sits 
comfortably on center back of the placecard table.

The individual placecards can go on each side 
and in front of it.

I think these single thickness cards combined
with sunglasses make a perfect fit with them.

The stems of the sun glasses are what holds up
the cards so the guests get a cute and usable
favor with their placecard.

I also am crazy about this font called 
"Inspiration Rob" that I wrote "Beach
Placecard Ideas" in. I always go for the fonts that
look like they have movement to them.