Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tie-dye with paint for that sixties look clever and talented 
daughter/business partner 
(I can say that stuff because I'm her
Mom and also it's true)....
came up with this interesting way to get
that tie-dyed look with paint.

I saw the finished product and I said "How'd
you do that!"

And then I saw her secret weapons.

Well...not really weapons...more like
secret tools. even so secret.

She took these paper twists and laid them on the
foamcore and then sprayed over them.

When she removed them, it kept the foamcore
white in those spots and gave it that 
tie-dyed swirly look. 

Of course, she added a light
sprinkling of iridescent glitter over it because 
that's who we are and what we do.

I also wanted to save the twists. Not sure why.
I just thought the twists were cool too.

Stacey also "tie-dyed" the gift card
box. Here's the back of it.
(If you want to see the front of it or
any other Gift Card Boxes, you can
visit our website.)

The little dots are holographic
silver dots that we added for sparkle.

Colorful fun effect...wouldn't you say so?