Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mulberry pickin' at the spooky house

There's a spooky windowless house across the lake 
and in a cove....kinda hidden from the rest of the lake.
Thank goodness its hidden away. 
It's the worst looking house on the lake.
 I wrote about the street side view in 
another blog post called Curb Appeal.

But there is a cool mulberry bush hanging
into the lake so there's something positive here.

We kayaked over there and feasted.

You had to grab a branch and pull and
lean and pick. They were soft and
tart and squishy and juicy.

  These guys looked like "survivors" foraging
for food in the wild.
 Good thing the water is shallow here. 
Standing in a kayak is never a really 
good idea.
 But if he fell in maybe it would clean up
his mulberry face!