Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Curb Appeal

Sometimes I wonder about things.

Like why you would have 2 fences on the front street side of your house?

One of them a big not-so-pretty stockade fence.

Spooky but real.

If this was a backyard fence blocking your view of a big garbage dump or something like that...well, I would get that.  But on the front side of your house when you don't have a bad view?  Makes me curious. Are you keeping something in or something out?

This is a house on a street nearby with nice homes nearby. Gosh...I'm so glad it's not right next door to me. I'd want to bring cookies over or something.

Every time I see it, I wonder.

I could make up a great story about it and tell it around a campfire in the dark. My story might be more interesting than the real thing...but maybe not.