Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

• Visited my brother up north for my sister-in-laws birthday.
Got to see his camper for the first time and we 
waded in the water on the Rifle River. 
He cooked a great pork loin on the grill.

• Saw a parade with peeps that I love in it. 
The morning was beautiful and 
the sun was hot and shining bright.

• Had a great bike ride to and from the parade and
snagged a Dilly Bar on the way home. Heavenly! I love
my bike. I love how it feels and I know it's gear settings.
I feel like I can fly.

I love Dilly Bars too. I'd put them in the top 10 of
the favorite things I love to enjoy.

Then around 2 pm it started to look like night.
The sky darken and I sat on my rope swing on
the porch and watched it roll & rumble in.

Glad I got that bike ride in.