Monday, June 21, 2010

It's The Village of Wolverine Lake.

5 houses down from me is one of our Village signs.

There are a few more around the perimeter of our 
Village of Wolverine Lake but this one is the one I see
the most often. Whoever designed them made a pleasing 
sign that fits the flavor of this Village.

It's placed right near the beginning of the wood 
boardwalk that provides safety and a cool way to travel 
from point A to B.

Here's our quaint wooden boardwalk.
This boardwalk was a long time coming and I'm glad
it's here. It's used often by many people. I'm happy it
was constructed before Michigan took a poop.

January our sign was looking pretty messed up.

 Time had taken it's toll. Michigan winters
can be unkind sometimes.

But now it's lookin' good again.It's a sign to
be proud of and I'm glad fixing it up was put
in the budget.