Monday, November 29, 2010

Semi-Sexy black boots that make you taller

So I headed over to DSW armed with a $10 off coupon to buy a pair of "sexy hi top black boots with a heel to make me taller".

I'm walking down the aisles and I see many that I like but none that I wanted to try on. I wasn't looking for high stiletto heels. My feet could never take that. I only wanted semi-sexy I guess. Also...I don't need to break an ankle.

The first pair I saw that I wanted to try on were brown. And furry. With a waterproof rubber sole. And fur around the top. And no heel at all. I tried them on and they felt so good. Fur was inside too.  I thought: "This is it." I love these. And they matched the brown Costco fleece I had on. I put them in my shopping bag.

Since I was only about 1/2 the way down the aisle,  I kept going. Past lots of "sexy black boots that make you look taller". I wistfully looked at them. I saw one pair with a heel I thought I could deal with. I stopped and tried them on. Within a couple of minutes my toes and ball of my feet were aching.

I was looking between them and the brown boots. I think I looked sad because a saleslady came up to me and asked:  "Don't you like them?" (meaning the brown boots I was staring at.)

I said "Yes, I love them but they aren't what I came in to buy. I guess I'm just reverting to my true nature." She looked at the 10 year old plus Ecco loafers I had came in wearing.  Talk about comfort! I even hot glued the soles recently so I could keep wearing them. I love them. They own me. They are me. I'm not a sexy black boot lady,  I guess.  I love comfort.  I was feeling wistful. She saw my dilemma and offered to help.

She brought me a couple of "semi-sexy black boots that make you look taller" that she thought might be right for me. One of them had some comfort built into them and not such a steep angle to your foot and I felt like they were ones I could enjoying wearing and looking taller for awhile when I didn't want to look clunky.

They certainly wouldn't be good for hiking up a mountain like I could have done in the brown ones.....but I don't have plans right now to hike up a mountain....probably not any time this year either.

So I bought the "semi-sexy black boots that make you look taller". They're mine. I love them. I'm taller.

I left the brown ones at the store and never looked back.

Sometimes you just need to kick yourself in the butt to get out of the rut....or find the right salesperson to help you on your way.