Thursday, September 29, 2011

Party Centerpiece Construction Instructions

Here's an example of an "instruction
sheet" we send with items we make.

We assemble everything and take
a picture and then take it somewhat apart
for the shipping process.

I add any notes on anything that looks
like further instructions would be
helpful or mark where things go.

Here's an assembly page I send out with
our elevated guitar centerpieces.
This page I can use over and over but this next 
page was specific only to this centerpiece.

I often end up with lots of these pages because
most everything we send out is unique and
different each time.

We're in a niche. 
Our niche is "custom themed party
centerpieces and signs". Pretty specific.
Not something you'd find
on a big box place Amazon.

I'm sometimes so amazed folks can
find us on this big internet...but they do.
Google must like us. If they know us.
Hey Google, do you know us? 
Do you "like" us?
Hey...I forgot for a moment this 
wasn't Facebook.