Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet Candy Shoppe Signs for parties

Call it what you will:

Sweet Shoppe
Sweet Shop
Candy Bar
Candy Land
Sugar Buzz
Candy Corner
Seaside Sweets
Sweet Escape
Sweet Factory
Hollywood Sweets
Candy Express
Easy Breezy 

Sign In Boards with a holder for pens
on the lollipop stick or near it.

Maybe not a Sign In....but something to sit on
your Candy Table.
Sweet Shop Candy Sign with lights in the candy dots.

We can make signs in any shape.

We can make striped awnings.
We can make funky Willy Wonka letters.

See a trend here with the Willy Wonka font????
But different is good also.

We can make them for Welcome Signs.
We can make signs in any colors.

We can also make 
Sweet Shoppe Gift Card Boxes.

 Such a Yummy Theme!