Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPod Dancers make great centerpieces

iPod dancers just say FUN, don't they?
These were 4 feet tall and went on a 
large 8 foot D.J. sign. 

They had battery operated light wires for
the iPod cords that really glowed. 

They were two layers with black foam core on blue layer.
But they could be any color on the background.
Pink or lime green would really pop!

We've also made them smaller and
with a plain white cord that was
not illuminated. 
But still so cute and perfect for
a table centerpiece.
Lots of different poses!

My internet friend BJ Boyd sent me this
next picture of how she displayed the 
dancing figures we sent to her with a 
real outfit and she put the iPod and wire in
and added the cool necklace touch.

There are so many possibilities left to try.

We're ready to try some different figures and
in different colors.

Just call us with your ideas if you are having
a dance themed party or iPod party.

We're ready to expand the thought!!