Thursday, August 23, 2012

Funky Lighted MITZVAH BAR sign

I read somewhere..or they tried to teach it
to me when I took some college graphic design
classes, that you shouldn't mix more than 2 different
font styles in one design piece.


I disregarded that like I disregard what I KNOW a 
teacher tried to tell me in a graphic design college class: 
You never point things directly to a corner in a graphic design. 
You always miss the exact corner on purpose. 

Well I remembered that while I was in 
his class but afterwards....well....I can't 
stay I always followed that rule because it 
made no sense to me.

Same with the font rule.

I used Beetle for Joey.
I used Inspiration for Mitzvah Bar.
I used Arial for OPEN.


I hope some 'rule enforcer' doesn't send
me an email and tell me I broke a rule.

I like this funky sign.