Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life before Google

I have all these artwork resource books I used before Google 
and all their wonderful images came out. 

I've been doing party decor artwork that long! 

I remember the 'olden days'.

They use to be called 'morgue' files and my files
spilled over even into 2 tall file cabinets of pages 
I had torn out from magazines that I kept in labeled folders...
just for inspiration or to place on my overhead projector 
and to help me draw up designs.
That was before I even had a computer.
OMG...times are so much better now!
I LOVE my computers....both of them and my ipad 
and my iphone. I'm in 2012 with both feet!

But...It pains me to even think about throwing out these books.

Ahhhhhh...do I have to???

Well...I've decided I don't have to do it today.
But some day soon.

THIS is what I need in front of my house.
Or at least in my town.