Friday, January 11, 2013

iPhone/iPod Music Centerpieces & magazine covers

I think a good party centerpiece should be personalized.

This one sure was.

Her name and a personalized magazine 
cover design with words related to her favorites
musical groups and fun and playful wording
like on the bottom corner: "Family Reunited and
It Sounds So Loud." 

Kinda fits a party, don't you think?

Here's another view with the colorful
poufs added around the themed items.

Photos and something curvy like
the ear bud wires makes for
fun and movement in the centerpiece.

These iphones were made from
foamcore and over-sized and 
you wouldn't hear anything out of 
all in fun.

That's why we like to make
these funky notes too. A bit quirky 
and whimsical. Color is always
oh so important too.

 The only thing missing is a bit of BLING.
Wouldn't some rhinestones around the
microphone be cute?

Maybe next time.