Monday, June 24, 2013

Diamond mesh blings up party decorations

Silver has ALWAYS been the single most
popular party accent color.

One time we did an all silver party 
with lots of silver mylar. 
It was beautiful but almost impossible to
take a picture of what it really looked like.
There was so much reflection.

But "Diamond Mesh" is a bit different than
shiny silver mylar with big areas of reflection.

There are no stones in the diamond mesh but
it looks like there are stones in the 
concave round circles.
They really shine.

The tiny silver circles add bling and glitz yet 
blend so well with other items and 
let's them showcase as well.

It cuts with scissors and bends and curves.
We get it in 10 yard rolls that are 4.5" wide.
That's a very versatile thickness and works great
on our octagon bases that are 3 1/2" high. We always
have uses for the extra leftovers.

 It's fun stuff.

Ask us about using some on a design for you.
Or maybe just order some bases. 
The diamond mesh bases make even the simplest
items placed on top look very special. Think about using
model cars, stuffed animals or even flowers.