Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Selling on the Internet thru our websites and social media

 Someone told us we are everywhere on the internet.
(Not true....I can't be everywhere but I sure do try.)

Someone else told me they just found us.

So I keep trying to put new ideas out there on my
favorite places in the internet world.

I try hard to scatter pictures and helpful information all around
on my personal favorite social media sites. 
We are on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and
our two websites:

I try to vary the pictures. 
I'm an avid photo taker with my iPhone and my
Nikon CoolPix P520. 

I love making collage theme pages because I know
folks love to collect ideas and inspiration whether they
use us for it or not. I'm willing to share ideas in abundance.

One of our most popular ideas is our guitar pick placecards.

Here's an example of a themed page I made to help folks 
get the idea of what we can do or they can implement.

We also welcome custom designs in this
category or any other themes.

We are all about new ideas...bring it on!

(This is a pick placecard and the matching larger
Table Name/Number for the dining table.)

We've got you covered if you want something new, 
creative and innovative.

Email us at:
or use the contact form on our one of
our websites.

We'd love to hear from you if you find us here or
anywhere on the "interwebs" of cyberspace.