Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shippin' & Recyclin'

Yes, I sure do ship and I love to recycle.

Several times a week either Stacey or I visit FedEx with boxes of party decorations to go all over the United States. (I love that their doors have those stoppers on the bottom so I can prop them open.) I've also noticed that the older the gentleman is, the better the chance is...almost 100% of the time...that they will hold the doors open for me. Can't say the same is true of women....of any age. They seem too preoccupied to notice. Or maybe women don't hold doors for women?? Maybe we don't. Maybe we should. Maybe I should too the next time I'm not too preoccupied to notice.

I also love to recycle boxes. If you get a package from me you may think you're getting a big screen tv....or new cabinet....or, yes...once.....a toilet. That was a funny one....but it was such a nice and clean and perfectly sound box....I just had to use it as is. Often I reverse them and put the writing inside but sometimes they are just perfect the way they are.

No one has complained yet.

I also will say by the amount of big screen tv boxes I see, there might not be a recession going on. Or....maybe there is and people are just staying home and enjoying NetFlixs?

But I love those shipping boxes. I just wish people would pass on more bubble wrap to me.
I realllllly love that. You can never have too much bubble wrap...that's what I say.