Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guitar Centerpiece "Over the Top"

We make lots of guitar centerpieces but not always quite like this one.

Most often they are foamcore electric guitars instead of foamcore acoustic guitars like this one....but this was for a 50's themed party in the fun colors of fushia, orange, lime and turquoise and black and white checks.

Stacey cut out over a thousand little black squares to checkerboard all the centerpiece bases for both the elevated poles and the new 8 sided bases she engineered for the "low on the table" look centerpieces. These new bases have a rounded feel yet they allow for items to be securely placed all around them. I'll be posting a picture of those soon. They are great looking and versatile for applications more than just checkerboard designs.

But I just loved this guitar centerpiece. It has 2 guitars on it back to back and both sides have funky musical notes and glittered stars. But I really think the checkered pole makes it pop! I've always felt that the base and/or the pole is an important element to the total look.

We have some new electric and acoustic guitars we will be adding to our website: this summer when things slow down and I can spend some extra time playing with guitars. I'm looking forward to's my favorite month of the year!

(Here's a picture of the reverse side of this centerpiece at the party location. Thanks Monica!)