Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrestling Placecards & Table Numbers

We don't often get to do a wrestling themed party.

But what a fun idea.

These were the Placecards, Table Number and the Welcome Centerpiece that sat with the Bar Mitzvah Placecards.

The Placecards stood in thin slits we cut into the black foamcore table topper that was 6' long and held over 150 placecards. The larger matching figure is just there for the picture. It went next to the centerpiece on each dining table.

The crowd sign in the back held signs relating to Ross's Main Event.

We pondered the attachments for the "ropes". I went to Home Depot and found 2 ideas that I thought might work but wasn't sure. In the meantime Stacey came up with a simple solution of using black foam and they worked just great.

Wandering around Home Depot is one of the things I love doing. It's my Number Two favorite store. Number One is the Apple Store in 12 Oaks Mall. I would like to move right in there and live. My un-attainable goal is to be an Apple Genius. That'll never happen! Not even close. But I'm going to have fun trying and I keep taking those awesome and wonderful One to One classes.