Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big foamcore GUMBALL machine for a Bat Mitzvah

Here's another really fun centerpiece from a 50's party.

Stacey made this really big and three dimensional faux gumball machine....well, sorta faux...there were some real gumballs in the bottom tray. (But they were hot glued in.)

The centerpiece had a hole in the bottom side and it slid onto the pole.

I've seen actual little gumball machines that would make great placecards or giveaways to match with this really big foamcore gumball machine.

This centerpiece was over 4 ft. tall. It was non-eye blocking for a dinner table because it was so tall but it would also work in other places in the for a Welcome Sign or on the Sweet Table.

I think it would work for a candy theme too.

How about a picture of the party person inside with the all they were looking out at you and trapped inside the gumball I getting carried away?