Friday, August 14, 2009

Trade show clever PARTY IDEAS.

Stacey and I went to a local party event trade show put on by a very upscale linen company called Fabulous Events. Besides having tons of fun chatting and looking and feasting on delicious treats we saw some cool and creative ideas.

I especially liked this beautiful table arrangement. I loved the idea of the twisted wire cascading down the clear vase and twisting around votive holders to have candlelight all down and around the clear vase. What a useful idea.

We also liked these balloon arrangements by Crystal Balloons. Loved these simple balloon tulips for table linen tie-ups and her "waterfall" centerpiece.

Here's Stacey taking a look at Robyn's creative ideas.

We also found a person we are highly likely to use to cater for Stacey's big upcoming birthday event next year. I think we'll have a "Bash"'s going to be a milestone birthday.