Saturday, August 8, 2009

ipod centerpiece in neon yellow

Following along the same track as the last blog about music being a popular's an ipod centerpiece.

I made a comment in a previous blog about old 45 rpms making a cuter centerpiece than an ipod but I think I need to retract that! This one competes with it on an even scale in my opinion. I think it's those swirly ear buds that did it. Those ear buds that are always tangling up have a certain sense of movement and curly whimsical grace.

We also are on a neon run of colors here which makes me happy because I love bright colors. I said to Stacey that I think I'll repaint my bedroom neon yellow and lime green...she knows I just love lime green even though I have it no where in my house......and she just gave me that look. You know the one that someone uses when they think you might have slid over the edge. I guess those aren't the best bedroom colors but my bedroom does have a bright burgundy and deep green...not those sleepy time colors they say you should use and I sleep quite well in there.

Update to this blog post: (December 2009)

Here's a "low on the table" alternative ipod centerpiece. This centerpiece has a guitar on the reverse side (actually a pink Taylor Swift guitar) and was accented with foamcore drumsticks.

The overall size including the base was about 22" high.

Call us if you need centerpieces like this:

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Update to this blog post: December 2010
Looking for something simpler with an ipod theme? Sweet and a little funky? How about these custom designed foamcore photo picture frames? Easy on the budget and easy to ship.

ANOTHER Update: October 2011
Here's a fun ipod centerpiece we did incorporating a photo cutout of the Bar Mitzvah
boy popping out of the ipod itself! And, here's the matching party placecards.

We love ipods and any kind of musical themes around here!

Need PLACECARDS? How about iTunes cards or card stock iPods? Most all our place cards
are $2.50 each and that includes customizing the design to your needs and adding the guests name and table to each one. They can stand in a foam core table topper holder and sits on a 6'-8' rectangular table ($65).

These iPod Touch/iPhones work well as part of
a centerpiece or can be used in a mini version as your table designation.

They can be made to free stand with a back support or
have a wood skewer in the bottom to insert into flowers
or a styrofoam base.

We can also make ipod dancers.