Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feeling of Flying

Stacey and I took "the gang" roller skating for 
a birthday celebration for Ryan.

I'm of the age I had to think....mmmm...aren't you
gettin' a little old to be roller skating???

Obviously Stacey isn't.  Here she is with that
Feeling of Flying.  I captured this moment of her as she 
swung around a curve on the rink.

I remembered that feeling of flying.

That's why I put the skates on.

Uhhh...half way around on my first pass I was
on my butt. Jake slid by and said...Grandma,
you okay? I was.  I fell on my pride.

But I gotta tell you.....a few more passes around and
 I got the Feeling of Flyin'....it was worth it.