Monday, December 7, 2009

PARTY IDEA: Snowy Faux Winter Walls

I'm always on the lookout for party ideas.

These snowy winter walls in J.Crew's window
in the Mall stopped me right in my tracks.
Look how big this wall is compared to the mannequins.
It was about 12 ft. high by about 16 ft wide.

What a simple and inexpensive idea for a 
big impact.

I can see snowflake placecards stuck in the
crevices. I can see party giveaways on the

Paper and a staple gun and a support frame
behind it...maybe wood...maybe just foamcore.

The side view shows just how easy it was.

These other walls were carved and painted 
styrofoam.  There were deeply carved and coated with special
foam coating that made it very hard to the touch. I had
to touch them and look at the wood frame on 
the back side. It was very "stage-scenery" like.
I could see chair lift tickets strung on
a big rope draped on it.

Such different materials for each one but such 
versatile ideas for hardly any material cost. 
They both certainly made me stop & look.