Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twilight, Tv and Tunes....Big Props for Centerpieces.

What are we up to?

Up to our eye balls in big props.
Big props for extra large elevated centerpieces.
All based on hobbies and likes of the 
Bar Mitzvah girl.

We've got this big cube for Twilight plus big
pictures of the Twilight cast. 

What would a music centerpiece be without Mtv,
and ipod and a guitar and a big note for the 
reverse side.  The brown paper circle is our "template"
that's the size the upper base is for all these 
big 3' props.
Also, a two sided TV with 
Family Guy on one side.

Plus...there's tennis,
friends, camp, vacations, etc.

They're all being shipped out for the 
final assembly to be done by a 
party decorator in another state.

All except my buddy there Jake.
He's staying here.
I just grabbed him to stand in
the photo to show scale.

I especially liked the Twilight one. It would
be fun to do a whole party with just 
that theme alone.