Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mickey Mouse's little pleasures

I've had this Mickey Mouse waffle maker for
over 13 years now. My Mom & Dad bought it for
me before Jacob was born. I just knew I'd be
making Mickey Mouse waffles a bunch of times in the
upcoming years and I have.

Sometimes they have apples in them or strawberries or
blueberries. Sometimes even bananas. I usually 
sprinkle in some wheat germ and use extra eggs. I've
even dropped in some orange juice for flavoring.

They often over run the circle so we have to
scrape off the pieces that do not stay within
the Mickey Mouse shape. That's the mess you
see around bottom.  We wouldn't want to
eat the parts that do not apply....defeats
the purpose don't 'ya think.

Often when we're full there's always room
to pull off an ear on the last waffle.
The ears are the crunchiest.

In a re-model of my kitchen someone
secretly knocked my Mickey Mouse waffle maker
 on the floor and broke a piece on the dial and quietly put
it back on the shelf. I thought it was
done for.  I was so bummed out. 
But Jim fixed it and it's been
going strong for over 7 more years so far.

Behind the waffle maker I have these pretty little
plaques. I love them. Whoever put them in the 
family Christmas grab bag...thank you.

They blend well with my counter tops and also
with my Mickey Mouse waffle maker.