Saturday, July 24, 2010

PLACE CARD TICKETS for sports & concert themed parties

We often do themed party placecards.

A popular option is a ticket whether it's for
a sports themed party or a music party.

Often they are free standing foldover 
place cards.  Sometimes they are
single thickness and insert into a
foamcore table top rectangle with
slits cut into it. This is a great option for
a windy area or to keep the place cards 
neat and orderly.

We also have little plastic holders that work
well with place cards that are not the traditional
rectangle shape.

The colorful place card on the top left is easily 
adaptable to changing a picture of either a sports
arena or field or even a musical concert venue.

The ones on the right work best with a 
unique and personalized party logo that
can go in the center.

We always enjoying doing placecards....
even though they are a last minute event and
often have last minute changes. 
It always surprises me when there aren't 
new arrivals and last minute deletions.
Even with all the pre-planning, life
has a way of re-working that placecard list.