Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"You Rock" little guitar centerpieces

Here's some simple...yet sweet....little guitar centerpieces.

They would work well on 30" small cocktail round tables or
in a restaurant setting with 4 top tables. 

A cute and simple table centerpiece that lets 
your guests know you think they rock!

The star and musical note is printed with the
guitar and banner. It is all one piece and one
layer but it gets the point across.

Everyone wants to think THEY ROCK and
are cool and you're glad they're at your party...so 
I think these centerpieces impart that message to your guests.

They are about 12" high and the body of the guitar is
about the size of your hand.

Sweet and Simple and budget-friendly.

You can see more guitar centerpiece ideas at:


(Add that "s" on the end because somebody else
has a website that is similar but without the "s" on
the end of centerpiece"s"....ahhh...yes...we have 
competition....but a good one....you have my permission 
to visit them too!)