Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tree of Life and other cut-out names

We cut out names like crazy around here.

Most often they are around 30" or so and
used for Sign In Boards or for Candle 
LIghting Centerpieces for items we make or
to send out to those Do It Yourself folks.
These names also work great on the Placecard
table as a sign to welcome and greet the guests.
Like Coby's sign plunked right there in the middle.
It was a take off on the invitation that had a 
Tree of Life on it and an abstract and slightly funky
kind of Jewish star design.

Funky and whimsical are things I really like.
Add great colors to it and I REALLY like it. 
On the base we added turquoise and royal blue poufs with a 
new lime green metallic mylar we just found to the mix.
I want to change my name to Coby and keep it!